Episode Twelve

While I was on the East Coast to attend/table AWP, Tyler Vile and I got the chance to meet up with each other in D.C.'s Green Lantern bar to talk poetry and punk. The photo for this month's episode was taken just after our interview.  

Tyler Vile is a writer, performer, and activist from Baltimore, MD whose novel-in-verse, Never Coming Home, is available on Topside Press. She is a member of the Baltimore Transgender Alliance leadership team and the vocalist in a punk band called Anti-Androgen. Her interactive poetry zine, Hassidic Witch Murderer is available on her website. She aspires to one day become the world’s greatest transsexual yenta.

Artists/Bands Mentioned in the show:

Episode Eleven

It was such a gift to speak with emerging-talent Aristilde Kirby for this month's episode! Aristilde Kirby is a twenty-five year old lesbian trans-woman poet and songsmith originally from Bronx, NY, but now resides from Carrollton, GA. She is a UGA Master Gardener. She is working on a chapbook entitled [bitácora total bust] and an EP entitled [LA POESÍA DEL CANTE JONDO], which will be out sometime in future recent history, hopefully. 

Click through the poems below to read Aris's poems "Strawberry Resirper / Achene Returner" and the four poems in her cycle "Intermediate Starved Aster Egretta SAE."

Authors, artists, and books mentioned in this episode:

The Sound of Waves Breaking is Aris's poetic soundscape "Opaline Y Hyalite" which you can find here at her bandcamp

Editing was done by Mitchel Davidovitz

Episode Ten

This month’s interview is with none other than Jayy Dodd! In this episode we talk about their newest chapbook [sugar in the tank], their work in other genres of art and critique, their views on compensation for artistic labor, and more.

Authors and Works mentioned in this episode:

This episode was edited by Mitchel Davidovitz, whose experimental audio work "Window of Normalization" you can check out at his bandcamp.


    The Sound of Waves Breaking is Lucille Clifton reading her work “blessing the boats,” a poem I return to often in this post-election climate.

    Episode Nine!

    I am so honored to get to speak with Vita E. Cleveland about her recent chapbook Dedications. The conversation, of course, wanders elsewhere: toward her percussion expertise, musings on art's intersection with activism, slut shaming in activist circles, and more.

    Poets Mentioned in this episode:

    This episode was edited by Mitchel Davidovitz, whose experimental audio work "Window of Normalization" you can check out at his bandcamp

    "The Sound of Waves Breaking" was Vita E's drum solo "Clave." You can listen to the entirety of "Clave" at her SoundCloud page. 

    Transcripts forthcoming, I promise!

    Episode Eight

    In this month's episode, Jay Besemer and I talk about his recent book, Chelate, along with other topics, including: living with chronic illness, our relationship with nature, sci-fi, poetry comics, and that old chestnut TRANS TEMPORALITY.

    Books and things mentioned in this episode:

    Theme Music is by Bahati Kiro

    Music throughout is by Chris Zorn

    Transcripts forthcoming from Amir Rabiyah

    The Sound of Waves Breaking is the ambient noise of Terok Nor from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

    Lucky Episode Seven

    In this episode I talk with Cameron Awkward-Rich about his approaches to poetry and theory, and the poetry in his new book Sympathetic Little Monster.

    Cameron has published poems in The Journalcream city reviewMuzzle MagazineHobart, The Seattle ReviewThe Offing and elsewhere. He is a Cave Canem Fellow, a poetry editor at Muzzle Magazine, and currently a doctoral candidate in Modern Thought & Literature at Stanford University. Cam is the author of the chapbook Transit (Button Poetry, 2015) and his debut collection, Sympathetic Little Monster, was published by Ricochet Editions in 2016.

    Go check out Sympathetic Little Monster, its a wonderful collection. 

    Writers who were mentioned in the shout outs: 

    The Sound of Waves Breaking this week is the sound of opening an attic, as found on freesound.org

    Forthcoming transcripts will be by Amir Rabiyah. 

    Theme Music by Bahati Kiro and the transition music is by Chris Zorn. 

    The podcast is produced by banging my head into a desk until something cohesive comes together. 

    Episode Six

    photo by Scott Shaw

    photo by Scott Shaw

    Jai Arun Ravine talks to me about their newest book, The Romance of Siam, just released from Timeless, Infinite Light. We talk about their use of humor in critiquing orientalism, the tourist industry in Thailand, and their process as an interdisciplinary artist. 

    I have no idea what Jim Thompson's "jungle box" looked like, but maybe it was something like this

    I have no idea what Jim Thompson's "jungle box" looked like, but maybe it was something like this

    The sound of waves breaking is a section of the (incredibly long) "Once in a Lifetime" theme song for Thailand's tourism campaign. 

    Transcripts coming soon!

    External materials mentioned in this episode:

    Episode Five

    In this episode, I had the lovely opportunity to talk to Zoe Tuck in a coffee shop in Oakland. We discuss speculative fiction and poetry, the second wave feminism she navigated during her coming-of-age years, spirituality, trans/ gender variant identities and collective memory, and more. 

    Zoe's website is here

    and you can order Terror Matrix from TIL here

    Other writers and thinkers brought up in this show: 

    David Antin

    Interview that Tom Léger was part of that I mentioned

    "What is Bay Area Poetry" Podcast

    Zoe’s review of Archipelago

    Connie Willis

    Ursula K. Le Guinn

    Laura Moriarty

    Alice Notley

    Zach Ozma

    bell hooks on arts education and visual politics

    The sound of waves breaking was a bunch of turkeys, as per my partner's request.

    Theme music is by Bahati Kiro, and the transition music is by Chris Zorn.

    Transcripts are coming soon! (Amir's been working on getting the previous ones transcribed.)

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    Episode Four is Ready for Your Aural Pleasure

    In this episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing the current editors of Vetch: A Magazine of Trans Poetry and Poetics: Kay Gabriel, Stephen Ira, Liam O'Brien and Rylee Lyman. We talk about their approaches to putting the journal together, their insights into transgender poetics, and touch on the archival of transgender/gender-variant art.

    Theme music is by Bahati Kiro and Chris Zorn. 

    Transcripts by Amirh Rabiyah can be found here.

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    There's a huge reading/viewing list for this episode. Explore all the trans art!

    The Sound of Waves Breaking for this episode is a clip from Season 4 of DBZ "Goku's Special Technique."

    Here's the book I was talking about that my grandma gave me a while back

    Here's the book I was talking about that my grandma gave me a while back

                                                                                witchy af :)

                                                                                witchy af :)

    Episode Three

    In this interview I get a chance to talk with Joy Ladin. We talk about her latest book Impersonation, how her relationship to poetic language changed as she transitioned, the use of persona in poetry, the early Modernists, and trends in trans & gender-variant poetry.

    Joy's website is: joyladin.com. GO BUY IMPERSONATION IT'S GREAT.

    Email me at: wavesbreakingshow@gmail.com or find me on Twitter @MxAvren

    Transcripts are here, and they're put together by Amir Rabiyah.

    Theme music by Bahati Kiro, transition music by Chris Zorn. 

    The Sound of Waves Breaking is from the Nasa's new collection of space sounds up on Soundcloud. It's Chorus Radio waves from within Earth's atmosphere. 

    Episode Two!

    Today's show features a conversation between Loma and me about the government's influence on poetry, the boundaries of a poem between other objects and being, poetry & activism, struggling with how to write poetry about domestic abuse, fearlessness, and more.

    Transcripts for this episode can be found here. 

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    Poets mentioned in this episode:

    Episode One is Here!

    Here it is, the first episode of Waves Breaking. In this episode I interview Amir Rabiyah about the anthology they just co-edited, Writing the Walls Down

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