Episode Five

In this episode, I had the lovely opportunity to talk to Zoe Tuck in a coffee shop in Oakland. We discuss speculative fiction and poetry, the second wave feminism she navigated during her coming-of-age years, spirituality, trans/ gender variant identities and collective memory, and more. 

Zoe's website is here

and you can order Terror Matrix from TIL here

Other writers and thinkers brought up in this show: 

David Antin

Interview that Tom Léger was part of that I mentioned

"What is Bay Area Poetry" Podcast

Zoe’s review of Archipelago

Connie Willis

Ursula K. Le Guinn

Laura Moriarty

Alice Notley

Zach Ozma

bell hooks on arts education and visual politics

The sound of waves breaking was a bunch of turkeys, as per my partner's request.

Theme music is by Bahati Kiro, and the transition music is by Chris Zorn.

Transcripts by Amir Rabiyah: https://www.scribd.com/document/378479204/Zoe-Tuck-Interview

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